20 Great Aviation Apps (2023)

20 Great Aviation Apps (1)

The iPad scene shifts faster than coastal weather, with new products and amazing updates from old friends. Keeping on top of what’s out there is substantially harder than in the old days, when fights lasting years could break out over whether a straight or circular E6B was a cockpit necessity. The big screen and large number of useful apps has led to widespread adoption in the cockpit for a little device that’s neither laptop nor cell phone. The introduction of iPad 2 has only made it easier to bring some apps on your next flight. Not only is the newest iPad lighter and faster, it has pushed the prices on the first-generation iPads into reach of the pilot who has misplaced his or her E6B (regardless of shape). With new hardware pieces, like GPS units for the iPad, pilots now have a choice of several solid applications for an electronic flight bag. For around a thousand dollars, you can ditch the heavy bag of charts, and carry everything in the side pocket. We fly in interesting times.

AOPA Airports
If you’re a member, this is a great way to access the AOPA database on airports. It includes all the standard AF/D information and a list of FBOs, hotels and food. The information here is also incorporated into ForeFlight and a couple of other apps. Free for members. Available for iPhone only.

Since the FAA persists in making and changing rules, it’s worth keeping a current copy of the Federal Aviation Regulations. The Airman’s Information Manual also gets regular updates in the explanatory material. For $9.99, you keep up on both in one app.

Flight Guide
The digital successor to the ubiquitous little brown book of airports, the iPad version has the data quality you’ve come to expect, with moving maps that include the TACs needed in busy airspace. The IFR subscription adds procedure plates. For non-3G iPads, the software will interface with the Fly-WI bluetooth WAAS GPS. $9.99-$19.99 per month.

For my family, when they’re wondering where I am, this app shows the track of any flight in the ATC system and NextRad radar. One safety-of-flight use is to zoom in on an area with worrisome weather and see how flights that are already in the air are dealing with it. If the tracks are all fleeing the line of clag between you and home, it’s just one more hint to grab that comfy hotel bed. Free. Available on iPhone only.

Like the FltPlan website, this app is a bare-bones tool for looking at airport information, but the price is certainly right, and it saves you from carrying an AF/D. It includes a not-yet-ready-for-prime-time plate reader. Free.

ForeFlight (HD)
One of just a few contenders for a true electronic flight bag, the app still does a great job of flight planning as well as in-flight tracking. Georeferenced approach plates were added in the last revision, and the software will interface with a WAAS-enabled Bluetooth GPS for horizontal guidance. There’s no vertical guidance though, so keep the IFR GPS and glideslope in the plane. Still the benchmark for a perfect iPad interface, the new version adds a lot more in-flight capability: fully featured navigation log, configurable moving-map display and auto-sequencing of waypoints. This iOS app is really at the point that someone should build a plane around it. $74.99-149.99/year.

Garmin Pilot MyCast
A comprehensive weather and flight-planning application with access to the AOPA airport database. There’s also a moving-map feature that lets you follow the familiar magenta line. The feature set is continually expanding. Monthly subscription variable.

External GPS Units

20 Great Aviation Apps (2)
FLY-Wi GPS by FlightGuide

The built-in GPS unit in the iPad isn’t something you should rely on for navigation in the sky. Each of the units below is an external GPS unit that communicates with the iPad in its own way, greatly increasingly the reliability of navigational data.


Bad Elf GPS
This matchbook-sized receiver plugs into the 30-pin port at the bottom of the iPad, giving WAAS GPS to killer apps like the georeferenced approach plates in ForeFlight. The receiver locks on fast, and provides a good signal as long as it has a good view of the sky. An attached GPS reduces clutter while grabbing power from the iPad, so you don’t have to track charge status. Depending on the way you mount and use the iPad, Bad Elf might not get a good view of the sky; if you have a kneeboard mount this could be particularly problematic. $99.

Flight Guide FLY-Wi GPS
The publishers of one of the most complete EFBs for the iPad have entered into the hardware business. The FLY-Wi GPS has two parts, one the size of an original iPhone, and the other a tiny hockey puck. Together, they’re a WAAS GPS that transmits location data to your iPad. This unit is interesting because it works over WiFi instead of Bluetooth. This means that up to four iPad units can connect to it. Your passengers could be following the flight on their own iPads, as long as they also have a copy of Flight Guide installed. The battery lasts eight hours, with a 110V charger included. There are two ports on the unit, with the GPS antenna connecting to one of them. That leaves a place to later add a connection to XM weather or ADS-B when they’re developed. My setup was a dream, and in five minutes I had six satellites locked in. $299.

GNS 5870 MFI
This bluetooth WAAS GPS receiver has a 10-hour battery life, a USB charger that worked well in my plane’s 12V socket and a tiny form factor. That size is key, because I mounted it with a bit of Velcro to the glare shield for a clear view of the sky. It locks on to the GPS constellation quickly, and provides an accurate lateral guidance signal for the iPad, no matter which georeferenced charting system you’re using. My only complaint is that turning it on requires swiping a finger across it in one direction. Which direction is the key, and if the battery happens to be dead, you’ll be playing “pet the rock” for a while before you think to plug it in. $150.

This app will replace all the paper charts in your plane, but this early version won’t provide a moving map. Look for more features coming soon. $49.99/year.


Jeppesen Mobile TC
This VFR/IFR charting app received FAA authorization to be used as an alternative to paper charts. It also features AF/D information. This entry from the IFR chart powerhouse is worth keeping an eye on. Subscription prices variable.

King Schools
There are now five titles, each one a segment of video from a King course. The footage of John and Martha King’s always informative lessons is presented in Apple’s default video player. Available for iPhone only. $29.99.

As an unabashedly airplane-obsessed pilot, I love listening to air traffic control, even when I’m not in the air. If you want to get your head into the air early, or hear common calls at a new airport, LiveATC is great. Tower calls from more than 350 airports are available as live, streamed broadcasts. You search by state, for airports near your home base, or someplace you’ve wanted to fly to. Available for iPhone only. $2.99.

Logbook Pro
This app provides a way to sync flight-log entries made with your iPad with the same software ($69) running on your Windows computer. The feature set is rich, and it interfaces nicely with your calendar. $20 to sync for a year.

LogTen Pro
This digital logbook is stand-alone, but it will sync with the Mac-only version of LogTen Pro. The professional pilot can track duty limits, both domestic and international; for the private pilot, there’s a surfeit of categories for categorizing your time and ensuring currency. $79.99.

MyRadar Pro
Use this simple weather app showing the latest radar animation to see the current conditions and the direction cells are moving. It doesn’t do much more, but this important task is done very well and with a solid user interface. $1.99.

Sporty’s Plates
There now are a few replacements for the banker’s box full of chart books that I packed on my first coast-to-coast trip with my brother. This app has the whole country, and you can print out any of the plates right from iPad. The plates are interactive and have some useful informative features. $49.95/year.

SPOT Connect
The SPOT Connect can transmit regular position information, or mark an emergency location. In the latter mode, it also will notify emergency responders. The app allows a Spot Connect owner to interface with the device over Bluetooth. Once paired, the iPad will display the tracking options for the Connect, including a check-in or call for help. The app is free, but you need a SPOT Connect unit. Available for iPhone only.

Live weather, including Doppler radar, makes this a very useful app. iPad’s larger form factor is perfect for viewing the weather, allowing a full display with overlay information. $4.99.

This is an amusing app to pull out your iPhone for in the cockpit. When you dial in the runway and the wind reported on the ATIS, it will tell you the crosswind and headwind components, and warn you if they’re over the limits that you’ve set in the preferences. A great idea. It will even tell you what head-ings to fly for your downwind, crosswind and final to stay lined up in the pattern. Available for iPhone only. Totally worth the dollar.

WingX Pro7
WingX Pro7 is a comprehensive moving map solution that recently added ADS-B in-flight weather. WingX Pro7 is unique in that it has a split-screen view and can overlay terrain on the VFR sectional and IFR enroute charts. $.99 for the app and $99.99/year plus chart geo-referencing subscription.

Is your plane grounded for its annual inspection? This app will fill those ground hours with virtual airtime. There are lots of airframes, so fly something you wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise. The aerodynamics are top notch, the scenery is very good, and the animation is fluid and flicker-free. You even can set up four iPads as part of the glass panel of a simulated airplane using the related EFIS app. $9.99.

Kneeboard Solutions

20 Great Aviation Apps (3)
iPad Kneeboard by MyGoFlight

iPad Kneeboard Pro C
This strong yet lightweight aluminum case, designed for pilots by pilots, holds an iPad firmly in place for use in the cockpit. The kneeboard swings open 330 degrees, and can be secured by a removable Velcro strap to either leg, and used left or right handed. It’s available in silver, black or with a high-resolution-graphic skin back, made from an adhesive-backed cast vinyl and sealed with a glossy enamel. The iPad sits within a Slim-Fit Case Back that’s placed into the iPad Kneeboard Pro. The case back also serves as high-strength protection if you want to use the iPad outside of the kneeboard unit. A specialized clipboard, which includes aviation reference information such as lost comm procedures, attaches to the outside or inside of the case via magnets.

iPad Kneeboard
Adjustable leg strap with a curve for ergonomic fit. Canted at the top for line-of-sight viewing.

Knee Dock iPad Holder
Secures to the leg with an adjustable strap and buckle.

MyClip Kneeboard
Its clips attach in either portrait or landscape mode. Secured to the leg with a faux-suede strap.

Sporty’s iPad Kneeboard
A bifold kneeboard with adjustable stand. Includes mesh pockets and a zippered compartment.

Colin Summers is an instrument-rated private pilot, flying N971RD out of KSMO when he’s not writing programming code for CapLinked.Com.


What software do pilots use on their ipads? ›

Garmin Pilot is the most comprehensive suite of tools for the iPad designed specifically for general aviation and corporate pilots. Flight planning, charts, interactive maps, weather briefing resources and navigation capabilities; it's all included.

Can I get ForeFlight for free? ›

Members lauded this app for ease of use for sectionals, flight planning, GPS tracking, weather, and filing VFR plans, among other things. The app is free, but an annual subscription starts at $74.99 a year for one pilot; ForeFlight Pro starts at $149.99 a year.

Is Garmin Pilot free? ›

Garmin offers a free 30-day trial to new users. An annual subscription to the Garmin Pilot app for iOS and Android starts at $79.99.

Is Garmin Pilot FAA approved? ›

FAA approves Garmin Autoland to land planes with no pilot | The Kansas City Star.

What app do private pilots use? ›

The top 20 apps for pilots – 2021 edition
  • ForeFlight Mobile. This is the app that has, probably more than any other, come to define the iPad era in aviation. ...
  • Garmin Pilot. ...
  • MyRadar. ...
  • Sporty's Pilot Training. ...
  • CloudTopper. ...
  • FltPlan Go. ...
  • Stratus Insight. ...
  • Sporty's E6B.
19 Jan 2021

What app do airline pilots use? ›

ForeFlight delivers everything a pilot needs for planning, briefing, filing, and logging flights – all in an elegantly designed app that syncs from the web to mobile.

Can two people share a ForeFlight account? ›

Each license supports two devices per user, either two iPads or one iPad and one iPhone. Please do not share your username and password with a friend, as your account may be locked out. See our Getting Started Page for instructions on how to install and activate ForeFlight Mobile over Wi-Fi, directly to your device.

How long is ForeFlight free trial? ›

Each new download of ForeFlight from the Apple App Store to a new device comes with a free 30-day trial.

Does ForeFlight require subscription? ›

While the ForeFlight Mobile app is free to download from the app store, a subscription is required to use the app. You can learn more about plans and pricing on our Subscription Purchase Page.

Do pilots use ForeFlight? ›

ForeFlight Mobile, the company's flagship product, is used by individual pilots and professional flight crews to gather weather and destination information efficiently.

How do I get free Garmin pilots? ›

How Can I Get a Garmin Pilot Free Trial?
  1. Download the Garmin Pilot App.
  2. Open the App.
  3. Log In With Your Garmin Account.
  4. Sign Up for the In-App Free Trial.

What can ForeFlight do? ›

ForeFlight is the perfect gift for any pilot. They can gather preflight weather and destination information, route plan, access and manage electronic charts, organize flight publications, log flight time, reference a moving map, and more – all in an elegantly designed app that syncs from the web to mobile.

Is ForeFlight logbook legal? ›

The regulations phrasing, “in a manner acceptable to the Administrator” is not followed by a statement or regulation that deems electronic logbooks as being unacceptable for this purpose. Therefore, it is perfectly legal to maintain the required logbook information in the format of your choosing.

Is ForeFlight legal for IFR? ›

File IFR Flight Plans

ForeFlight supports filing IFR flights to and from the US and within Canada, Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mexico, as well as within and between all EUROCONTROL member states and Greenland using the ICAO flight plan format.

Is ForeFlight weather FAA approved? ›

ForeFlight's weather comes from the National Weather Service, and when you brief a trip it's time-stamped and ForeFlight keeps a record for 120 days, in case you need to show the FAA that you complied with the requirements of FAR 91.103.

What is EFB app? ›

EFB - Electronic Flight Bag 4+

An electronic flight bag (EFB) is an electronic information management app that helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper.

Do pilots need a laptop? ›

No, a laptop is not neccessary for any pilot training in India. Your learning material will be in the form of books provided to you by your institution/flying school or you can buy them yourself.

Which is the best flight booking app? ›

Table Of Contents
  1. Best Apps To Book Flight Tickets In India.
  2. MakeMyTrip.
  3. EaseMyTrip.
  4. Goibibo.
  5. Cleartrip.
  6. Expedia.
  7. Yatra.
  8. Conclusion.
3 Feb 2022

Who bought ForeFlight? ›

ForeFlight is designed to run on Apple iOS devices. Boeing's purchase of ForeFlight, which employs 180 people, “aligns with Boeing's growth strategy of complementing organic investments with targeted, strategic investments that position the company for long-term growth,” the company said.

How many devices can I put ForeFlight on? ›

Access your ForeFlight account on up to two iPhones and one iPad or two iPads and one iPhone, plus an unlimited number of logins to ForeFlight Web, allowing you to plan flights anywhere and stay safe with backup devices on every flight.

Which ForeFlight plan do I need? ›

Here are the takeaways: If you're just starting out, Basic Plus is a great plan—much more than just a demo, and more features than any app had five or six years ago. Pro Plus is a slam dunk for instrument pilots, and probably worth serious consideration for VFR pilots who fly cross country a lot.

What does ForeFlight basic include? ›

ForeFlight delivers advanced flight planning capabilities, terminal procedure charts, enroute navigation charts, moving map, synthetic vision, hazard awareness, optional Jeppesen charts, a comprehensive library of market-leading weather information and visualization features, a large library of advanced aircraft ...

Do I need Jeppesen charts with ForeFlight? ›

No, all customers benefit from having Jeppesen NavData®, terrain, and obstacles in ForeFlight Mobile without any additional cost.

Does ForeFlight have Jeppesen charts? ›

Jeppesen charts are available as an option in all ForeFlight Mobile annual plans.

Does ForeFlight have a student discount? ›

The ForeFlight Educational Licensing Program (ELP) is a volume licensing program for accredited aviation programs (Part 141 Universities, Colleges, and Community Colleges) which allows institutions to offer ForeFlight services at a discount to their faculty and students.

Why do pilots need an iPad? ›

iPads allow the pilot's paperwork, aeronautical charts, and company memo's to be stored digitally, thus saving the space needed to be carried in the cockpit. Additional apps for weight & balance, weather, flight planning, scheduling, and navigation make the iPad a very compact and powerful tool.

Does ForeFlight have GPS? ›

The Wi-Fi + Cellular iPads contain the internal GPS chip that can be used to activate moving map capabilities in ForeFlight. The Wi-Fi only models can be paired with an external GPS like the Bad Elf Pro to provide location fixes in flight.

Does ForeFlight show traffic? ›

Internet Traffic in ForeFlight hooks you into FlightAware's global traffic coverage, allowing you to view airborne and ground traffic all over the world any time you have an internet connection on the ground.

Is cellular needed for ForeFlight? ›

NOTE: a Cellular Data plan is not required to use ForeFlight Mobile, or to get a GPS location fix. If you do have a Cellular Data plan, we recommend you turn off Cellular Data while in-flight (for battery savings and to reduce the chance of hearing interference in your headset).

Does ForeFlight work on iPhone? ›

Minimum iOS Version:

The current minimum iOS version supported by ForeFlight Mobile version 14.7 (August 2022) and later is iOS 15. Devices that are running iOS 13 or 14 will be able to update to ForeFlight Mobile version 14.6. Devices that are running iOS 12 will be able to update to ForeFlight Mobile version 12.9. 2.

Which EFB is best? ›

Garmin Pilot is a great EFB app, and it's one of the only options for Android users. Garmin Pilot offers most of the features you can get on ForeFlight. There are some more advanced options that don't make it into Garmin's app.

Does Garmin Pilot have Internet traffic? ›

Yes, it is possible to display both weather and traffic while in flight on Garmin Pilot. When connected to a GDL39, FlightStream, or GTX345, Garmin Pilot is capable of receiving TIS-B traffic and FIS-B weather services broadcast over the 978 MHz data link from the FAA ADS-B ground stations.

How many devices can you use with Garmin Pilot? ›

One account works with up to two devices, including iOS and Android.

Does Garmin Pilot have a logbook? ›

Once activated, it records the date, duration, total flight time and route. Upon landing, the information is automatically synced to a digital logbook on Garmin Pilot and flyGarmin.com – our safe and secure web-based cloud service – via a compatible smartphone.

How much is ForeFlight worth? ›

ForeFlight Pricing
BASIC United States$99.99per year
PRO United States$174.99per year
PRO CANADA$174.99per year

Can you cancel ForeFlight subscription? ›

You can manage your account anytime by logging in at https://plan.foreflight.com/account. A toggle is provided on that page to enable/disable auto-renew. You can also send us an email and we can disable auto-renew for you.

What is D ATIS? ›

DIGITAL-AUTOMATIC TERMINAL INFORMATION SERVICE (D-ATIS)- The service provides text messages to aircraft, airlines, and other users outside the standard reception range of conventional ATIS via landline and data link communications to the cockpit.

What are the most common logbook errors? ›

Common Problems

The most common logbook problems are unsigned pages, incorrect totals (especially when single and multi-engine times don't match up to total time), totals not matching between separate logbooks, and strange or incriminating comments written next to entries.

Do airlines accept digital logbooks? ›

Aviation has advanced along with the technologies and every airline will accept a print out from a digital logbook.

Can you use white out in a pilot logbook? ›

No. Any dates that have been altered with correction fluid may automatically make your application unsuccessful.

Can an iPad be used for IFR? ›

Re: The Legalities of IFR Flight with an iPad and ForeFlight

The answer was an unequivocal yes.

Is ForeFlight an approved weather briefing? ›

ForeFlight Graphical Briefing content is derived from approved government sources. Adverse conditions, synopsis, current conditions, enroute and destination forecasts, NOTAMs, and more are included.

Can we legally replace paper charts with electronic charts? ›

EFBs can now be used in lieu of paper reference material when the information displayed is the functional equivalent of the paper reference material and is current, up-to-date, and valid.

How accurate is ForeFlight? ›

GPS Reception

ForeFlight showed an accuracy of 4 meters, which is very good (for comparison, a Sentry ADS-B receiver typically provides 1-meter accuracy).

What does H and L stand for on a weather map? ›

Areas of high pressure are usually where weather is calm and sunny. Areas of low pressure can be stormy. Air pressure is indicated on weather maps with a blue "H" at each center of high pressure and a red "L" at each center of low pressure.

How long are AIRMETs valid for? ›

AIRMETs are routinely issued for 6 hour periods beginning at 0145 UTC during Central Daylight Time and at 0245 UTC during Central Standard Time. AIRMETS are also amended as necessary due to changing weather conditions or issuance/cancelation of a SIGMET.

Why do pilots use iPad minis? ›

The Air is available in several colors, and both feature a 10-inch-class screen. The iPad Mini is especially interesting for pilots since its smaller size is just right for tight cockpits. It features an 8.9-inch screen, a 5G cellular option, and the latest A15 Bionic chip.

Does ForeFlight work on any iPad? ›

Buy the Wi-Fi + Cellular and 256GB model of either the 11-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 4th generation, or the iPad mini 6th generation (2021). Please note that ForeFlight no longer supports the iPad 1, 2, 3, and 4, iPad Air 1, iPad mini 1, 2, and 3, iPhone 5, 5C, 5s, 6, 6+, and older for new app updates.

Why do pilots need a iPad? ›

iPads allow the pilot's paperwork, aeronautical charts, and company memo's to be stored digitally, thus saving the space needed to be carried in the cockpit. Additional apps for weight & balance, weather, flight planning, scheduling, and navigation make the iPad a very compact and powerful tool.

Is Avare available on iPad? ›

While the iPad is the most widely-used tablet among pilots, there are a growing number of Android apps that offer similar capabilities for pilots flying with these phones and tablets.

How much storage do I need for ForeFlight? ›

The app requires about 15.5 GB for all of the US instrument procedures, airport diagrams, chart supplements, VFR Sectionals, and IFR Enroute charts, as well as the required basemap, navdata, terrain, and obstacles. Canadian data can total 11 GB.

Does ForeFlight work without Internet? ›

NOTE: a Cellular Data plan is not required to use ForeFlight Mobile, or to get a GPS location fix. If you do have a Cellular Data plan, we recommend you turn off Cellular Data while in-flight (for battery savings and to reduce the chance of hearing interference in your headset).

How many devices can you have ForeFlight on? ›

Each license supports two devices per user, either two iPads or one iPad and one iPhone. Please do not share your username and password with a friend, as your account may be locked out. See our Getting Started Page for instructions on how to install and activate ForeFlight Mobile over Wi-Fi, directly to your device.

Can I take my iPad on a plane 2022? ›

1. Electronics. Any item of value should never be checked into the belly of a plane. Small digital cameras, DSLR cameras, video cameras, laptops, Kindles, iPads, cell phones and even portable hard drives are all included in this category.

Can ForeFlight be used for navigation? ›

With ForeFlight 7.0, planning gets even better with a more advanced Procedure Advisor and a dramatically improved navigation database that enables visual preview of SIDs, STARs, approaches, and pattern entries.

How do I use my iPad as a GPS? ›

Apple iPad - Turn GPS Location On / Off
  1. From a Home screen on your Apple® iPad®, navigate: Settings. ...
  2. Tap. Location Services. ...
  3. Tap the. ...
  4. If location services are turned on, tap the desired location service (Maps, Weather, Find My, etc.). ...
  5. Tap. ...
  6. Tap. ...
  7. Tap the desired system service switches to turn on or off :

Which iPad is best for student pilots? ›

Apple iPad Mini (6th Generation or Higher)

Best For: Student pilots or pilots flying very small aircraft using an iOS-supported EFB. With a 8.3-inch screen, Apple's iPad Mini offers a small size that's less likely to get in the way inside a small cockpit, such as trainers or various types of light, small aircraft.

Do I need an iPad for private pilot? ›

Required iPad

Cellular is required because it provides the GPS receiver for ForeFlight and improves situational awareness. You do not have to activate a cellular data plan to use the GPS. ATP recommends the small to medium sized ipad, which balance ease of studying with a practical size for use in the airplane.

Who makes ForeFlight? ›

ForeFlight was founded in 2007 when general aviation pilots Tyson Weihs and Jason Miller developed a weather planning service for the first generation of Apple iPhone.

Is the iFly app free? ›

A 30-day free trial is available when you download iFly GPS (from Apple's iPad App Store or Google Play, respectively for the iPad and Android versions). After that, a data subscription is required—$69.99 per year for VFR only or $109.99 per year for IFR/VFR coverage.

What is the latest version of Avare? ›

Original author(s)Zubair Khan
Stable release10.1.6 as of 2022-06-15
Operating systemAndroid 5.01 Lollipop and later (*see Notes).
SizeVaries with device and options, core app 610kb to 2.5MB
LicenseGithub [1]
5 more rows

Is Avare available for iPhone? ›

There is no iOS version, nor do we currently have plans to create one. As an enthusiastic user of Avare and the other Apps4Av apps, I'd like to suggest you consider buying an Android device to run these remarkable free apps.

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