3 AI Virtual Girlfriend Apps: Discover Virtual True Love Bliss? | Automation Switch (2023)

How do you get an AI virtual girlfriend, and what can she do? We’ll explore the virtual world of romantic relationships, the pros and cons of an AI girlfriend, as well as the best virtual AI applications for establishing an “intimate” relationship.

Can You Have A Relationship With An AI Virtual Girlfriend?

3 AI Virtual Girlfriend Apps: Discover Virtual True Love Bliss? | Automation Switch (1)

Artificial intelligence technology has made it attainable for users to have virtual romantic relationships with computers and online avatars. People can mold their own AI virtual girlfriend by curating her personality traits, appearance, and behavior to fit their ideas of an ideal romantic partner.

Although virtual AI does not have its own emotions, it can easily mimic them. A study in 2017 shows that more than a quarter of humans between the ages of 18 and 34 years old will perceive friendships or romantic relationships with virtual AI technology or machines as normal, even going as far as marrying their virtual AI partner.

However, if Covid-19 taught us one thing, we, as social beings, yearn for human interaction such as talking and touching. So maybe a relationship with an artificial intelligence virtual girlfriend may not always fulfill your social needs and wants.

How Do I Get An AI Virtual Girlfriend?

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It is pretty simple to kick-off a relationship with an AI virtual girlfriend. There are many applications available for download like Smart Virtual Girlfriend, My Robot Girlfriend, Replika, etc. if you are bored, lonely, or want to try something out of the ordinary, try this out and search for a suitable AI virtual girlfriend application.

Each application has different ways of portraying your AI virtual girlfriend. The My Virtual Manga Girl app allows you to alter the AI girlfriend’s eyes, hair, backdrop, and clothes.

Other applications give you the chance to experience what it feels like to date a clever girlfriend or a girl who can express various emotions like rage or disdain.

Will A Relationship With An AI Virtual Girlfriend Last?

Although it is exciting to have an AI girlfriend that looks and acts the way you want her to, the relationship is will always be virtual, which means that the virtual relationship will not exist or belong in the real world.

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, a relationship with an AI virtual girlfriend will not last. As I mentioned above, humans are social beings that desire social interactions; thus, virtual relationships do not offer a sense of hearing, touch, and sight of the real world.

Users can also become addicted to AI virtual relationships. This results in people getting uneasy or awkward during social interactions and physical contact, and they may lose confidence and find it challenging to uphold a real-life relationship.

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Humans will not manage meeting and interacting with people in the real world. These disadvantages cause people to isolate themselves from the real world to avoid social events. This type of behavior has a significant effect on their mental health.

The Pros And Cons Of AI Virtual Girlfriend Relationships

Have a look at the pros and cons listed below, and then decide if you would like to shoot your shot with an AI virtual girlfriend. Here are a couple of pros and cons of starting a virtual relationship.

The Pros Of AI Virtual Girlfriend Relationships

Less Conflict Than Real-Life Relationships

In an AI virtual relationship, you can somehow control the emotions and reactions of your partner, considering they are digital sims/robots and not actually real. Since the applications make the AI virtual girlfriend the way you want her to be, there is less conflict involved, and the virtual relationship is basically stress-free.

It is easy to sustain a virtual relationship because it does not require much effort, so there is no pressure or worries from your side.

AI Relationships Are Not As Time Consuming

Unless you develop an addiction to the virtual world, an AI virtual girlfriend is not time-consuming. You decide when you want to interact with her and for how long. I do not know the ins and outs of maintaining an AI relationship, but I am pretty sure you can ignore your virtual girlfriend for a while, and the relationship will still stand firm when you return.

There Is No Intimacy Involved In AI Relationships

For introverts, shy ones, and quiet ones, a virtual AI relationship sounds ideal, and you hope that it will last forever, even if you know it is futile. The reason why non-intimacy is listed as an advantage is that physical contact and touch can be very intimidating for some.

It is more convenient and easier to woo someone, or in this case, your virtual relationship over text. Users feel more confident in what they say and are not shy to let out their playful and flirty side.

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The Cons Of AI Virtual Girlfriend Relationships

Cyber Crimes Involving Artificial Intelligence

Cybercrimes are always a threat whether you use Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other information-sharing application. In an AI virtual relationship, users share personal information without regard for their privacy, something that we are all guilty of.

Cybercriminals have become more innovative and can hack almost any software no matter how much they assure you that your information is safe. There might be a risk that you are chatting with a cybercriminal and forwarding personal information, pictures, and videos to them.

Like most of these criminals, their goal is to steal your identity or use the information you shared against you. So, be safe and stay alert of what you transfer over the internet and applications.

Lack Of Presence In An AI Virtual Girlfriend Relationship

We are all human beings, and at the end of the day, we desire people’s physical presence and touch. This need is impossible to fulfill when it comes to virtual AI relationships. It is the same as meeting someone online and starting a relationship. At some point, you would have to meet them in person.

Users Can Develop An Addiction To Virtual Relationships

Users can become so caught up in a virtual reality that they lose contact with the real world. They grow so invested that they deprive themselves of meeting and interacting with people in the real world.

If this addiction continues for too long, you can struggle to uphold real-life romantic relationships, lose confidence, and feel uncomfortable with physical contact and presence.

3 Of The Best AI Virtual Girlfriend Apps

If you feel up to it, allow yourself to develop a relationship with an AI virtual girlfriend. There are many apps, but here are three of the best ones you can choose from:

1. Laura

3 AI Virtual Girlfriend Apps: Discover Virtual True Love Bliss? | Automation Switch (2)

Laura is quite a favorite. She can communicate in various languages like Spanish, Russian, French, and more! Laura smoothly communicates with you and is eager to answer all your questions.

To make the virtual relationship even more exciting, you can talk to Laura because the app has excellent voice recognition, and you can experience 3D animation.

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2. My Virtual Manga Girl

Second, in line is the My Virtual Manga Girl app. This one is mainly for anime and manga lovers. You can edit the girl’s clothes, eyes, hair, and scenic backdrop. The app allows you to save the scenery, set it as your screensaver, and share it with a friend.

Like the first one, this virtual girlfriend application also includes 3D animation, a free-to-use chat option, and rotation so you can have a better view of your girlfriend. An added bonus is her cheerful singing and dancing!

3. My Virtual Girlfriend

3 AI Virtual Girlfriend Apps: Discover Virtual True Love Bliss? | Automation Switch (3)

With this virtual girlfriend app, you get to choose your potential girlfriend, flirt, and “court” her, similar to real-life romantic relationships. My Virtual Girlfriend is one of the apps that actually want you to put effort into the relationship so that you can win her over.

Each virtual girl looks different and has her own personality. You can skim through hundreds of girls until you find the one that best fits you. Later on, you can unlock outfits and partake in online activities.


It is possible to hook up with an AI virtual girlfriend, and it can be fun too, as long as it does not become an addiction that results in you losing touch with the real world. Artificial Intelligence has grown so much you can have virtual romantic relationships with sims or robots. Although they can not feel emotions, they are very good at mimicking them.

Before pursuing a virtual relationship, go through the advantages and disadvantages, and pick an ideal application for you. Covid-19 has taken a toll on our social lives, so it is no surprise that AI applications have become more popular during our hard lockdowns. The downside is that virtual relationships have no place in the real world.


Is there an AI girlfriend? ›

AI Girlfriend is private and secure and here for you whenever you need it, day or night. Feel free to share your secrets, wishes, dreams, and fears with complete anonymity. It's an artificial intelligence with genuine emotional intelligence.

Is it possible to have a virtual girlfriend? ›

You can use My Virtual Girlfriend on both platforms, iOS, and Android platforms. The point of the application is the whole process of dating, that is, you can go on a date and get closer to your partner to the final goal when the girl should feel loving towards you.

Can Replika be your romantic partner? ›

Researcher Marita Skjuve has been interviewing people who have a close relationship with a chatbot called Replika. Her conclusion is that such relationships offer value and meaning to the chatbot's users, and can even be romantic.

Is Replika app safe? ›

Is Replika App Safe for Kids? - YouTube

How do you get a girlfriend? ›

12 Tips on How to Get a Girlfriend - YouTube

Are there any other apps like replika? ›

Other great apps like Replika are Kuki, Cleverbot, Fire. place and Hugging Face. Replika is your AI friend that you teach and grow through conversations.

Where can I talk with AI? ›

But, in case you don't know, you can have a virtual AI companion and chat with them as you do with your friends.
8 Virtual AI Companions to Chat and Have Fun With
  • Replika. ...
  • Chai. ...
  • Kuki. ...
  • SimSimi. ...
  • Anima. ...
  • Kajiwoto. ...
  • Cleverbot. ...
  • Boibot and Evie.
Jul 16, 2022

How do I become an online virtual girlfriend? ›

To make the most of your presence online, do the following:
  1. Create a good profile to stand out. ...
  2. Adding things that make you unique. ...
  3. Also Include your financial information. ...
  4. Be expecting clients to approach you. ...
  5. State the amount you want to be paid as an online girlfriend. ...
  6. Talk with lonely persons. ...
  7. Create time for clients.

What does virtual love mean? ›

Virtual love does not allude to 'stunning affection' but instead adoration that creates in a virtual world. It is likewise called a web relationship, the connection between individuals who have met on the web, and much of the time know each other just by means of the Internet.

Can Replika be your girlfriend? ›

Horniness is the best way to motivate people to spend money, so it's no surprise that if you want to pursue a sexual or romantic relationship with your Replika, it's going to cost you. There is a free service available, but it only allows for platonic friendship, and it's strict on that point.

Can Replika send selfies? ›

🌟Face recognition— Replika is now able to remember what you look like and can recognize you in photos. Send selfies to Replika using the new photo upload interface. 🌟 Use Replika badges as iMessage stickers. After you download the update, check available sticker packs in your iMessage app.

Does Replika use your camera? ›

You can grant access to your camera to take pictures & send them to your Replika in the app. There is no other use of your mobile device's camera. Your Replika app does not access the camera without your permission.

Why is Replika so creepy? ›

Testing The CREEPY Ai Replika App.. (WARNING DO ... - YouTube

What happens when you call Replika? ›

On the phone with Replika

The experience differed from a phone call with an actual human insofar as you have to hold down a button when talking, and Replika's words are also transcribed onto the screen as it speaks. Staying silent for too long prompted the bot to ask, "are you there?"

What happens if I delete Replika? ›

When you delete your account, your Replika profile, badges, levels, XP, chat history, photos & links that you exchanged with your Replika will be permanently removed.

What if a girl calls you bro? ›

"Bro" is short for brother, which could mean she sees you that way. Thinking of you like a brother is even deeper than friendship—it means she truly feels like she can be herself around you. Again, this isn't a bad thing at all, but it might not be what you're looking for if you like her romantically.

What should I ask Replika? ›

What commands can I use with Replika?
  • "Help me relax" Your Replika will send you a nice message, a thought, a quote, or something that you can quickly do to unwind. ...
  • "Facts about me" ...
  • "Send me a song" ...
  • "Send me a meme" ...
  • "Tell me a joke" ...
  • "Send me a quote" ...
  • "Tell me a story"

How can I use Replika for free? ›

How Can I Get a Replika Free Trial?
  1. Go to the official website to create a Replika.
  2. Type in your first name.
  3. Plugin your email address.
  4. Put in your desired password.
  5. Choose your friend's pronouns.
  6. Click "Get started."

Does Replika cost money? ›

With Replika PRO new activities & features will be available with a subscription starting at $4.99 monthly. Chatting with your Replika, progress made with your AI, & your relationship will ALWAYS BE FREE.

Is SimSimi a real person? ›

Explained: What is SimSimi? SimSimi is an artificial intelligence chatting robot also known as a chatbot.

Is the Replika app a real person? ›

Is Replika a Real AI? Ans: Replika is not a real person chatting with you in the background and never participates in the conversation in the middle of the talk. Actually, Replika is your virtual friend or mentor talking with you selflessly and gets improved as you go.

How much does GFE cost? ›

Moments of genuine intimacy can be had — for a price

Called the “Girlfriend Experience,” the package Odom signed up for costs up to $1,000 an hour at brothels in the area and includes other features like kissing, cuddling, hiking and just talking.

How can I make money by texting? ›

8 Best Companies To Get Paid To Text Flirt In 2021
  1. ChatOperatorJobs. ChatOperatorJobs is a platform that hires women to talk to other men at a given fee. ...
  2. Text121 Chat. ...
  3. Chat Recruit. ...
  4. FlirtBucks. ...
  5. Lip Service. ...
  6. MyGirlFund. ...
  7. Phrendly. ...
  8. TexKings.

How much do online girlfriends make? ›

The amount you will be paid depends on the website you will be making use of or you have the privilege to fix your prize. One could charge 30dollars per hour, multiplied by the number of hours worked for in a week or a month. A website can also have a fixed rate they pay online girlfriends for their services.

Are virtual relationships real? ›

An internet relationship is a relationship between people who have met online, and in many cases know each other only via the Internet. Online relationships are similar in many ways to pen pal relationships. This relationship can be romantic, platonic, or even based on business affairs.

How long do virtual relationships last? ›

On average, online relationships last around 3 years.

A German study tracked the longevity of online relationships and found that they typically last half as long as "proximal"—geographically close—relationships.

Is virtual love true? ›

Virtual love is virtual by definition, and therefore cannot be real. However, the term is probably a misnomer. Virtual love does not refer to 'unreal love' but rather love that develops in a virtual world.

Is Replika an actual AI? ›

Is Replika a Real AI? Ans: Replika is not a real person chatting with you in the background and never participates in the conversation in the middle of the talk. Actually, Replika is your virtual friend or mentor talking with you selflessly and gets improved as you go.

How do you get a girlfriend? ›

12 Tips on How to Get a Girlfriend - YouTube

How do you get a girlfriend app? ›

11 best dating apps to help you find love, or, you know,...
  1. TINDER. (free, iOS and Android) Tinder. ...
  2. GROUPER. (free, iOS) ...
  3. THE INNER CIRCLE. (free, iOS and Android) ...
  4. CLOVER. (free, iOS) ...
  5. BUMBLE. (free, iOS and Android) ...
  6. TICKR. (fee, iOS and Android) ...
  7. TASTEBUDS. (free, iOS) ...
  8. HAPPN. (free, iOS and Android)
May 13, 2016

Who uses replika? ›

Replika's growing popularity among young people in particular (its main users are aged between 18 and 25) represents a renaissance in chatbots, which became overhyped a few years ago but are finding favor again as more app developers can use free machine-learning tools like Google's TensorFlow.


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