How to answer ESTA social media question (2023)

Should you disclose your social media accounts on the ESTA application?

Until 2020, social media information in ESTA applications was optional. This information is required, and candidates must submit information about their social media accounts on the ESTA application form. If the tourist has used Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram in the previous five years, they must give their social network IDs.

Visitors without these social media accounts can check the option “I do not have an online presence.” Don’t allow your privacy interfere with ESTA clearance. You may be refused if you do not provide a social media account.

What will CBP do with your social media accounts?

Customs and Border Protection has access to the social media profile you supplied. What social media data will they see? Unless they actively request it, they can only access the information you allowed in your social media account’s privacy settings. It’s doubtful that the administration will discover the causes that led to your ESTA application being refused in your social media presence. The most crucial aspect of showcasing your social media identity is screening to combat crime and terrorism. The US CBP will detect possible dangers and compare social media information to other Esta application information.

While you are unlikely to be refused, you may be able to expedite the procedure and obtain your travel clearance sooner.

You must be exact and double-check everything when it comes to all ESTA information, not only ESTA social media queries. Do not submit the online form unless you are certain that everything is right.

How long will I have to wait for approval?

After completing the ESTA application, you will have to wait up to 72 hours before being approved to travel to the United States. You can receive an ESTA clearance faster, especially if you use the social media networks that are given. You may check my ESTA status at any time, and you will need the ESTA application number and your personal information to access the application process. With an ESTA, you can travel to the United States within the following two years and stay for up to 90 days.

If you are denied, you must apply for a Non-immigrant Visa. The biggest distinction between ESTA and VISA is the hassle and time required for approval. While it just takes a few minutes to complete the ESTA online application and a $14 charge + $64 service fee, the process for traditional VISA is substantially longer. You must travel to the American Embassy and follow the stringent procedures.

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