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  1. heres the update coming tomorrow, major update this month, the major update is the one we are really waiting on and this one is just the appetizer.
    If you like this video today you will receive, for free, in the mail, one full scale plushy darth microtransaction ( not a complete scam i promise)

  2. I laughed out loud when you mentioned season bp cosmetic. The male crusader is AWFUL!

  3. Warchester wizards. Go bloodnights !
    Your on top of it all hopefully they get some real content out as well just to surprise some one world of Warcraft has grown since 4 characters per side lol I was like wtf

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  4. Yes totally agree the event’s rewards need to be buffed. So underwhelming. Blizzard too greedy, inject some rewards to the players ffs.

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  6. I'm gunna be honest, you lost me at 13:25 and for the rest of the video for your spazzy cat. xD

  7. Hi DM, theres a bug with demon hunter's primary attack after the patch. We have to stop attacking then choose a target and attack before we can move and attack at the same time. It also stops attacking after we cast vengeance then we have to stop moving then attack before it uses primary attacks again. Playing on PC and have talked to some people on our server and its happening to pc players

  8. The armory optimisation is huge for me. Now I won’t have to go back and forth anymore. Cause its pretty annoying when i get a stronger equipment and i have to save my loadout all over again. Im using atleast 3 or 4 builds whch I’ve save up in my armory.. and changed it on other maps when I’m doing some specific thing, like i have a build just for pvp, dungeons,raids,etc which i just changed my loadout when needed… and getting a new and higher equipment ruined all that build I’ve saved in the armory. So, this is a big W imo

    Edit : The season 10 battle pass cosmetic is a joke 😂 completely agree with you on that

  9. This shit still pay to win?

  10. well,I just stop playing again but I don't lose hope they can do better

  11. The game is already boring and these events arent making me want to stay.

  12. that it took them sooo loong, for the hide helmet config, lol

  13. Sad part is even if you got a pearl and a crest every day of login the game will probably be dead before F2P's can even get close to 4k or at least 5k wings, just because of how many years it will take even with absurd luck and keep in mind 5k reso isn't even close to being maxed as it just keeps getting more and more absurd and time taking from there.
    The elder rift should just hand you 1 legendary crest and 3 blue ones every day instead of a single blue, there should be other things giving one like they could fork one out for your first bg participation every day and one for your first hidden lair clear ontop of this the events should give 5-10x their current rewards. You'd probably start seeing an impact in a few years on the F2P's but still don't think any F2P will ever cap out on the game.

  14. I 100% agree that Blizzard should be more generous in giving Telluric Pearls and Legendary Crest.

  15. They need to make like 30 days in row login gift, like from 1 rare crest from first 5 days to 5 legendary in last 5 days, and like 2k hilts and 100 hilts, or wisp as gift or leg gem upgrade stuf daly.

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  16. Thanks!

  17. I agree they need to update PVP I quite playing it

  18. Armory change is huge, it literally prevented me from playing pvp every now and then, also using different builds for dungeon, heliquarry raid and open world farming was a pain so I often I avoided as a necro

  19. Rest in peace DIablo Immortal. Played every day since day 1. Just can’t do this anymore it should be fun to play but .. become painfully and unpleasant experience since H3 . Over and over again . Thanks DM for great involvement with community and fantastic content. I feel sorry for you that can’t make more videos to cover ( more info and more things about the game ) . But hard to make content when game is 99% of running in circles same over and over again.

  20. A daily leg crest, like DM suggested, for login wouldn’t break the game and it would help f2p players feel like progression is more possible.

    The rewards are semi-laughable as usual, PoGo does the same damn thing or lack there of with rewards.

    Being able to remake fervent fangs that you’ve earned/purchased in the past would be nice as well. I’ve broken many, but wish I could upgrade one without having to wait an addition 10 months

  21. They just canceled hide helmet!!!

  22. Greed is all this game is. They make rewards as small as possible so you fork out cash. You'll never see anything you've suggested to make the game better for f2p.

  23. DM: A lot people are hoping that the new class will be the Pirate Class, wielding flintlock pistol on the main hand and a sword on the off hand. It is a hybrid of melee and range, capable on fighting both.

    What do you think about this?

  24. Cosmetic is the only W for me

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  25. 'da' Ocean Realm. Cleanse the magic's in Zulton Kulle's Library…open the portal…

  26. Pretty much agree with everything, and say hi to kitty for me DM.

  27. I wish add dual 1on 1 and watcher 🙋😄 nid game immortal Diablo

  28. Ami me interesa más la actualización de pvp que otras cosa

  29. 🔥🔥🔥

  30. I love fractured plane

  31. Tbh event rewards are not even meh anymore, it might be exciting for new players but for someone like me whos been playing the game for like 8-9 months getting just 1 legendary crests is so underwhelming, make this shit at least 2 or 3 , i dont even care about telluric pearls because i wont be around to complete second one and make the gem level 3. In our server market prices are so damn low for normal gems, but they arent low for the legendary gems, imagine selling tourmaline and saphire for 170 and rest for 100 and expect to purchase a 2/5 bsj for 110k plat its just bs

  32. Wow what an underwhelming update. Back to D3. 🙁

  33. Keep the look of item with different essence would be nice

  34. Wooooo when is the d4 raffle so i can play and socialize with u n ur community

  35. looking forward for a good update for the armory, i'm so tired of inherit essences, im happy just with a button to apply them in whatever object equiped

  36. Hey DM, I think a good fix for the armory would be to just save the legendary powers and paragon tree…not the actual gear itself. Maybe make a "switch" for people that like it the other way

  37. I never have used my pearls there useless i wish i could sell mine on the market who cares about a 2 star 5 star gem? Utter trash like most things in the game everything except gear should be sellable on market

  38. Can you look into a wizard build I have, keeps Vithu's 30 percent attack speed up all the time. A wizard, Ray of frost creates an ice shield each time it hits an enemy, it constantly proc Vithu's 4 piece buff


  39. Also we need NEWS DUNGEONS.
    i have playing for 2 months… and god i cant handle another Namari run… and same for all others dgs.

  40. Great content as always man, season 11 skin did nothing for me

  41. I would like to point out to you that having multiple events running at the same time is essentially doing what you asked and increasing event rewards since you didn't realize.

  42. Good stuff. Thanks!

  43. Yea fractured plane should be running constantly. Refresh the rewards and leaderboards every 2 weeks. It’s really fun to run it for the rewards and then trying to hit the quick no death run is actually challenging and fun

  44. sir dm in damage calcu.
    in pvp is much better to get high resonance than high damaged?

    for example ill change my b.eye to zwenson hunting rank 3 3/5* to get more resonance? is this good?

  45. They hold those non sellable legendary chest like gold, I used to buy all the weekly deals to get the chest but not being able to sell gems if ones I didn't need became the major issue. So now I no long buy chest.. wish it wasn't that way

  46. I hope they fix the bugs in stormpoint soon, there's one ancient elite that appears on the minimap but not in the actual zone, and another in the shanties that's impossible to target-lock onto for more than a fraction of a second. And what's up with those glowing pieces of paper on the floor in the prison that don't do anything when you click them?

  47. thanks for this news DM!

  48. PvP updates please 😅

  49. The raid invite change is very welcome hated the spam invites.

  50. couldn't we rather hide the pants than the helmet? *laugh

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